Fannie Mae Helps Borrowers with Student Loan Debt Qualify for a Mortgage!

Fannie Mae announced April 25th that they will make it easier for borrowers with student loans to qualify for a mortgage. This is great new for current and former students who have been overburdened by student loan debt. These changes will go into effect May 1st 2017. The Economist reported in June 2014 that U.S. student loan debt exceeded $1.2 trillion, with over 7 million debtors in default. In 2014, there was approximately $1.3 trillion of outstanding student loan debt in the U.S. that affected 44 million borrowers who had an average outstanding loan balance of $37,172. Realizing this massive problem, Fannie Mae created simple solutions to provide access to credit for qualified borrowers. “We understand the significant role that a monthly student loan payment plays in a potential home buyer’s consideration to take on a mortgage, and we want to be a part of the solution,” said Jonathan Lawless, Vice President of Customer Solutions, Fannie Mae. “These new policies provide three flexible payment solutions to future and current homeowners and, in turn, allow lenders to serve more borrowers.” Here is a list of the changes Fannie Mae made to accommodate borrowers with student loan debt: * Student Loan Cash-Out Refinance: Offers homeowners the flexibility to pay off high-interest rate student debt while potentially refinancing to a lower mortgage interest rate. * Debt Paid by Others: Widens borrower eligibility to qualify for a home loan by excluding from the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio non-mortgage debt, such as credit cards, auto loans, and student loans, paid by someone else. * Student Debt Payment Calculation: Makes it more likely for borrowers with student debt to qualify for a loan by allowing lenders to accept student loan payment information on credit reports. Zach Larichiuta and the Lucy Lending Team are your local, trusted Charleston lender that will help navigate you through the home buying process make sure you are aware of all the opportunities and potential benefits offered for you. Contact us today to set up a time to meet face to face or speak on the phone to start the pre-qualification process. Zach Larichiuta 843-469-9010 [email protected] #studentdebt #debt #credit #fanniemae #fnma #lending #financing #mortgage #charleston #chs #realestate #homebuyer #homeowner #trusted #local #lender #zachlarichiuta #lucylendingteam