Mortgage Process

Mortgage Process

Step 1

Get Pre-approved

Fill out our easy online application to get pre-approved. That means providing you with possible monthly mortgage payments, an estimate on your loan’s cost and a projected budget so you can shop for homes that fit your finances.

Step 2

House Hunt!

Go to open houses, search the internet and find your dream home with the help of a real estate agent.

Step 3

Make an Offer

You’ve found the home you want. Contact us so that, together with your agent, we can work on an offer that will put you in position to win!

Step 4

Offer Accepted

Congratulations! Your offer was accepted, time to finalize your application and get started on securing financing.

Step 5

Home Inspection

You’ll schedule a home inspection by a licensed professional to check for any needed repairs prior to closing.

Step 6

Sign Disclosures

A member of the Homebridge team will receive your initial documents and follow up if we need anything else. We will then send you initial disclosures that show your final loan terms, your interest rate and estimated closing costs. Review and electronically sign these ASAP.

Step 7


The property will be reviewed by a licensed professional to assess its value.

Step 8

Home Insurance

It’s time to select your homeowner’s insurance policy. Once selected, you will upload your policy to our online consumer portal.

Step 9


An underwriter on our team will review your loan and all documents supplied. At this point, there may be more questions or additional requests. If so, it is crucial that you respond promptly to keep your loan on schedule.

Step 10

Clear to Close

Everything has been cleared by our underwriters and we are ready to go to closing.

Step 11

Final Walkthrough

Once everything has been cleared by our underwriters, a walkthrough will be scheduled. You’ll give the property one last check to confirm it’s in the same condition as when you first found it.

Step 12


You’ll sign the final paperwork and receive your keys to move in. Congratulations on your new home.