Top Five Places to Propose in Charleston

Top 5 Places to Propose in Charleston

Like buying a home, beginning your new life with a partner by your side can be both exciting and a little scary. But similar to the feeling you get when you see the home for you for the first time, when you’ve met the one, you know it’s right and taking that next step feels like a huge accomplishment. It’s a feeling you’ve been searching for all along.

While you have likely already embarked on many adventures together, the day the question is asked will be one of the most unforgettable days for you both. Luckily, if you’re popping the question somewhere local, there are several beautiful and memorable spots to make it a special moment you’ll be talking about for years and years. Take a look at some of these top spots for proposing around Charleston.

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation is one of the south’s oldest and most beautiful plantations. It has been rated “America’s most photographed plantation” and is recognized as symbol of southern heritage. As you stroll around the property you’ll see horses, a butterfly garden and picturesque views of nature. Boone Hall is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day and take a step toward starting your life with the one you love complete with scenery that won’t be forgotten.

South Carolina Aquarium

If you’re interested in proposing somewhere unique the South Carolina Aquarium could be the spot for you. The aquarium offers “after hours” events where you can walk through the aquarium enjoying snacks, beer, wine and entertainment as well as “Good Catch Dinner” where you can enjoy sustainable multi-course meals, perfect for seafood lovers of all types! The aquarium also provides a great view of the Charleston Harbor as the perfect place to wrap up your night by taking a leap and asking the question.

Schooner Pride Sailboat

The Schooner Pride is an 84 inch tall ship that sets sail in the Charleston Harbor. Every day the Shooner sets sail for afternoon dolphin sails, sunset sails and moonlight sails each at a different price point. These sails are open to the public, but if you are interested in something with a bit more privacy, boats are available for private events where you can have the boat to yourself with your soon to be fiance or host a celebration as a newly engaged couple complete with family and friends. There are also a number of special events such as sunset wine tastings, opportunities to see fireworks and more. There’s simply nothing more romantic than setting sail together.

Palmetto Carriage Works

For those who love traditional romance, Palmetto Carriage Works will add a classic feel to your proposal. A private carriage ride includes a personal tour guide and a customizaeable tour or transportation to a romantic dinner. Tours last a total of 35 minutes and are available daily giving you enough time to see some of Charleston’s best sites and enjoy some one-on-one time before you get down on one knee.

Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is yet another uniquely beautiful place to propose in Charleston. Propose in one of the exhibits surrounded by the creative energy of artists from far and wide or head to the museum’s garden for a peaceful and intimate moment. Whatever you decide, you will be surrounded by works of art evoking a variety of emotion. Your proposal will fit right in.

Whether you’re looking to propose in a traditional, romantic setting or add some flare and personality to your proposal, Charleston has a variety of options for you to ask the question and take the first step in beginning your life with the one you love. Any of these five choices will provide you with a memorable experience and a story you and your soon to be fiance will want to share for generations to come. And if you're ready to make the move to Charleston, contact our local experts to find your Charleston dream home!