Where to Donate in Charleston After the Holiday Season Clean-out!

While it’s always important to give back to the community, it’s especially critical during and after the holiday season. There are numerous families that struggle to fill their home with holiday decorations, give their children and spouses gifts they’ll never forget, and provide home cooked meals for their family and friends.

For those that want to give more, we’ve made this guide for you. So, start rummaging through your belongings to find things that you no longer need that others could put to good use. Use these tips to find local donation centers and charities that are looking to pass everything along to a new home.

Your Clothing

If any area of your home has something to give back, it’s your closet. Every member of your family is bound to have at least one article of clothing they no longer wear. Take an evening to have a clean out party with your entire family and make a pile of clothing that they no longer need or fit in. After you’ve sorted through your clothing, don’t forget to take on your dresser, shoe collections, and any other stored away clothing.

Be sure to thoroughly vet everything that you are donating. Make two different piles for items that will be donated and those that need to be disposed of responsibly. Anything that has stains, holes, or heavy wear and tear should be in the pile to be disposed of responsibly. Here are some places that your old clothes can go to good use:

Children’s Toys

Having your children donate their old toys is a perfect opportunity to teach your kids the importance of generosity. Get them excited to give to others! Children’s toys are one of the most needed items during the holiday season.

To get your children heavily involved in the process, allow them to choose a charity for their old toys to go to. Here are some charities that their toys will be passed onto good hands:

Similar to clothing, ensure no broken toys get donated. If you plan to donate stuffed animals, wash them beforehand. Once everything is ready to head to the charity, invite the kids to load up their toys and make the delivery with you.

Working Electronics

Holding onto old cell phones, laptops, computers, and televisions is common. “Just in case something breaks…” Yet, they sit there unused for months or even years. Many of these are still useful.

Gather all of your old electronics that are in working order and drop them off at any Goodwill donation center. If your electronics are not working, check with your local Goodwill to see if they refurbish donated items for resale.

For those with larger electronics like bulky televisions, old stereo equipment, or projectors, it may be best to have an electronics hauler come pick it up for you. This way if any of the items aren’t in working order, they can be disposed over responsibly.


Before your family’s holiday dinner, spend some time cleaning out your pantry to get rid of food items you no longer need. All non-perishable food items can be donated. Even then some food pantries will take bread, yogurts, and anything that people can take on the go. Gather any overflowing canned veggies, fruit, pasta, canned meat, or powdered dairy products to give to any of the food banks below:

  • One80 Place
  • Midland Park Community Ministries
  • Lowcountry Food Bank Inc

Going through your belongings this holiday season will not only spread cheer to families in need, but also make room for the new year. Donating can be a family affair, maybe even a family tradition this time of year! Contact your local Charleston experts for all you Charleston needs.