“Can I Bring my Dog?” The Best Charleston Spots to bring your furry friend

The answer is YES! There are countless reasons why Charleston is a great place to live, but one of the top is that we’re a dog-friendly city. Below are some of our favorite spots to take our best friends to, but you’re welcome to discover some on your own when you arrive!


Charleston has some of the best restaurants in the country, and as you head out with your dog there will be no shortage of great places to eat. Consider these three spots when you’re in the mood for some amazing food with your furry companion:

POOGAN’S PORCH: Taking pet-friendly to a new level, the oldest independent culinary spot in Charleston is named after a dog! Located on Queen Street, this 17th century styled home boasts a grand porch that you and your dog can use to sit and enjoy traditional southern food. Poogan’s Porch is also a popular spot for ghost tours – legend says that the original resident of the house, Zoe St. Armand, still haunts the grounds. Check out Poogan’s Porch for yourself, but make sure your dog isn’t a scaredy-cat.

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LOST DOG CAFÉ: If you and your dog are enjoying a morning walk on the beach at Folly, make a pit stop at Lost Dog Café. This quaint café has a large sectioned off front porch where you and your dog can enjoy their world-famous “Awesome Cinnamon Roll.” If sweet treats aren’t your thing, they also offer biscuits and gravy, shrimp and grits and other local favorites.

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BUTCHER & BOAR: Right over the bridge in Mt. Pleasant, this restaurant features a communal dining experience with American craft food, bourbon and beer. Furry friends are allowed when seated on the patio, and they even offer a special dog menu with the finest delicacies your four-legged friend could ask for. Items like “Meat Cupcakes” or “Pupsicles” are sure to get their tails waging.

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No need to leave your dog at home if you’re heading out for a quick drink or a Sunday brunch. These incredible bars and breweries have a seat ready for each of you:

THE BARREL: One of the top weekend hangout spots during the summer is not only dog-friendly, but also goat-friendly! Located just off Folly Road along Secessionville Creek, you won’t find a better view of the sunset than here. The Barrel offers 33 taps of local beer and has a rotating schedule of food trucks that come out and park in the yard to offer a wide variety of delicious foods while you enjoy your drink. Pass the time by playing cornhole and other yard games with your dog, goat or other friend.

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BAY STREET BIERGARTEN: This German inspired gastropub has an outdoor seating area and bar, making it a great place to sit, stay and pass the time with your human and canine friends. The menu consists of typical German food, but with a southern twist – be sure to try their grilled peach salad when you stop by.

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REVELRY BREWING: While the lower area of the brewery is off limits to dogs, the upper level bar of Revelry Brewing is where the party’s (and the dogs are) at! There are dog friendly areas with water bowls to keep them hydrated and eager staff that are waiting to pet them before pouring you a beer. The bar at Revelry Brewing also offers one of the best views available of the Charleston skyline. You’ll soon realize that nothing beats a great view with your best friend.

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There’s a long list of gorgeous sites and delicious eateries that you can take your dog to here in Charleston. This list has some of our favorites, but exploring this great city to find the perfect place for you and your pet is definitely an adventure worth having. Whether you’re a local or just visiting for the weekend let us know your favorite dog-friendly spots around your home or in the Charleston area!