What Millennials Need to Know About Home Loans

One of the most pervasive myths about Millennials in the recent decade is that they do not want to purchase a home. This can come from the fixed nature of wages and the influx of educated professionals in the marketplace. Others think that it’s just the attitude of the generation. Regardless, most Millennials have relegated Read more about What Millennials Need to Know About Home Loans[…]

holiday travel tips

Holiday Travel Tips for Charleston

Getting around during the holidays is a tough task, no matter the city. In Charleston, traveling during the holiday season can be a particularly difficult and arduous experience due to the size of the city and the increase in traffic during the holiday season. In planning any important or long journey, it’s essential to know Read more about Holiday Travel Tips for Charleston[…]

Keeping Your Home and Skin Fungus-Free During Humid Months

As a homeowner or resident of South Carolina’s coastline, learning to mitigate and manage fungus is part of the deal. Mold grows in humid, warm, and damp conditions — a common climate for SC. To no surprise, fungal infections like athlete’s foot and ringworm thrive in these conditions too. Learn how best to keep your Read more about Keeping Your Home and Skin Fungus-Free During Humid Months[…]

First Time Home Buying

The Journey of First-time Home Buying

To a growing number of people nowadays, first-time home buying can be a daunting task. Many degree-holding adults and people looking to buy their first home have reservations about home ownership. This is due to the possibility of high debts and initial costs, the extensive process of purchase, and the long-term challenges of owning a Read more about The Journey of First-time Home Buying[…]